LOS ANGELES-Jennifer Aniston told friends that she will ‘never speak’ to Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston has expressed a bitter attitude towards Angelina Jolie, ever since Brad Pitt walked into Jolie’s arms post his divorce from Aniston.

The ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ actor dated and married Jennifer eventually to part ways in 2004. Post their split, the actor dated Angelina Jolie, had children with her and eventually married her. However, the epic love story of the pair unfortunately came to an end when Brad and Angelina officially split earlier this year.

While Jennifer and Brad parted ways more than a decade earlier, in 2004, their relationship and divorce still continue to make headlines. This time, it is courtesy of a new book titled ‘Friends With Benefits’.

The book, written by New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin, reveals details about the life of the ‘Friends’ actress. Halperin interviewed a large number of people who have worked with Jennifer to gather information about her past, her relationships and even her lifestyle.

When Angelina’s name came up while talking to one of the sources, it was revealed that the actress told her pals she will ‘never speak’ to Angelina ever. According to the Daily Mail, the author has revealed that not only did she choose to close the door on Jolie, but the whole episode also became “an insane Bermuda Triangle” that left Jennifer “devastated and mentally torn.” Halperin said, “It’s been so hard for Jen, so difficult. Nobody expects her to ever want to be in the same room as Jolie. It would just feel so awkward. Angelina stole her man. She also gave him so many kids while Jen and Brad struggled to have children. I don’t think Jen will ever open the door to Angelina again, under any circumstance.”

While Jennifer might not be on friendly terms with Angelina, it seems that she has forgiven Brad. The actor was spotted attending Jen’s star-studded 50th birthday party. His presence stunned everyone and got fans hoping for a possible reunion.