Along with the budget of 2019-2020, the high authorities set Rs. 17,500 as the basic salary for an MBA or Master degree holders in some of the private sectors or companies in the country. Through your newspaper, I want to bring to the notice of concerned authorities that this amount is not enough to live in this expensive country. Some of the private institutions are not paying even this amount to their servants and are paying them ten to twelve thousand per month. Due to unemployment, after completing my Master Degree at the University of Turbat, I have joined an institution to support myself financially but the institution is paying me 12000 per month. Actually, I believe that most of the institutions and private companies are against the rules and regulations of the country, it will be better if the government takes serious action. So, I request the public to come forward to demand their right salary. I find your newspaper the best way to highlight the problem of the citizens.