Nowhere in the world the superior judiciary is malign or made fun of as is done in our country. Judiciary is one of the most respected institutions around the globe, and all the educated classes are aware of the famous words of Winston Churchill, which he said during the peak of the second world war.

During the Second World War, when the German air force was inflicting heavy losses and destruction over London with its constant and uninterrupted bombing attacks, the British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill took notice of the heavy casualties and devastation. He asked, “Are the courts functioning?” When told that the judges were dispensing justice as normal, Churchill replied, “Thank God. If the courts are working, nothing can go wrong.” This proved to be correct, and despite very heavy losses, the allied forces defeated the mighty Germans. In Pakistan, the courts are subjected to different sorts of pressure tactics and physically attacked. The recent video showed by Marraym Safdar in a press conference of Arshad Malik, claiming he was pressured by “hidden hands” for convicting her father is another ugly step towards maligning the confidence and trust of the people of Pakistan in the judicial system of the country.

The optimum way was to approach the honorable higher judiciary instead of publicly showing the video. This act of PML (N) clearly indicates the mala fide intentions of the party. Even in the past, PML (N) has interfered with the matters of the judiciary, for example in the form of the audio recording of Justice Qayyum storming of the supreme court of Pakistan, by making fun of Chief Justice of Pakistan in the form of the cartoon on electronic and print media.

It is hoped that in future, all the segments of the society would restrict the dragging of the institutions of the country especially the judiciary and the armed forces of the country into any controversies.