KARACHI -: Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani on Wednesday reviewed the arrangements of cleaning and lifting of the remains of the sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Azha. The Commissioner Karachi chaired a meeting of the officials concerned at his office here on Wednesday.

It was informed that all local bodies officials had made emergency plans for removal and disposal of sacrificial animals.

The meeting reviewed the contingency plans in detail and decided that the local bodies officials would review and finalize the contingency plans and arrangements in a meeting with the concerned Deputy Commissioners (DCs). The Commissioner directed all the DCs to take coordinated steps to remove the remains of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha and to deal with the expected monsoon rains. He said that all possible assistance should be provided to the concerned departments. Iftikhar directed all the local bodies officials to ensure that the offal of the sacrificial animals were not visible on the roads and the citizens did not have to complain about the filth caused by remains of animals.

It was decided that all the agencies would also take steps to deal with the expected monsoon rains.

It was decided that all recreational places in the city, including the beach, would remain closed and all the Deputy Commissioners would strictly enforce the ban on entertainment on Eid.

The Commissioner said that it was a challenge for all the institutions to take up the issue of Eid and protect the citizens from the damage caused by the expected rains.

It was decided that the leave of all concerned staff of administration and local bodies would be cancelled.

The Commissioner said that the Sindh government had set up sacrificial centers in every district while district council will ensure better arrangements.

It was decided in the meeting that all the DCs would ensure implementation of performing sacrifice at the centers designated by the Government of Sindh.

According to the report, sacrifices have been allowed at 120 centers in the district West, 119 in the Central, 60 in the East, 38 in the Malir and 120 in the district Council.

Sacrifices would be allowed in different wards in each union council for which the concerned local bodies would make special arrangements for cleaning and removal of offal.

Similarly, centers had also been set up within the limits of the district council. Sacrifice would not be allowed at any place other than these designated places.

All Assistant Commissioners will be present with their staff to perform their duties in the field during the Eid holidays.