Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has highlighted the need to bring more transparency and create awareness among the masses about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Addressing the Senate session on Thursday, he said the government should listen to the reservations, fears and suggestions of the local community before execution of any project under the CPEC in the area.

He demanded the government increase share of Malakand division in the CPEC and expedites development work on the ongoing projects in the area. He said thousands of people in Malakand division returned to their area from abroad due to pandemic and they desperately needed employment opportunities in their hometowns.

The issue, he said, could be resolved and jobs could be created by establishing industrial zone in the KP division and laying road network to connect the underdeveloped areas. About the government move to facilitate Indian spy Kulbhushan, he said the act was being introduced under international pressure. He said the PTI rule was the continuation of Musharraf regime as its pattern of running government affairs was not different from that of the former military dictator.

He said he was curious to know the answer from the rulers that if their steps to facilitate Indian pilots and spies would prove helpful to bring change in the hostile attitude of New Delhi towards Pakistan and Kashmir.