ISLAMABAD - Chief of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) Allama Nasir Abbas Jaffri said Tahafuz-e-Bunyad-e-Islam Bill passed by the Punjab Assembly was against the constitution of Pakistan.

He stated that the country needed religious peace and interfaith harmony; adding that such bills will pave way for sectarian disputes in the country.

He said that they needed one Pakistan not five, adding that different laws for the same issue in different provinces were pushing the country into uncertainty.

He stated that rather than discuss differences in sects or groups we must work on interfaith harmony; adding that no one was supposed to impose his ideology over other.

Meanwhile different religious scholars held a press conference in the capital demanding that Governor Punjab approves the Tahafuz-e-Bunyad-e-Islam Bill immediately.

They said many segments of society were making the bill controversial; adding that the law enforcement agencies should establish the writ of the state.

They maintained that Pakistan was a sovereign country and the people of Pakistan won’t compromise on the national interest of the country. They further claimed that the bill will help to minimise the sectarian thoughts in the country.