LAHORE - Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal on Monday asked the Government to get Punjab House in Islamabad cleared from illegal occupants besides recovering unpaid charges from them. The Speaker asked Law Minister, Rana Sana Ullah and Labour Minister Ashraf Sohna to get the illegally occupied rooms at Punjab House vacated and inform the House about the progress within three days. Earlier, Punjab Minister for Law, Rana Sana Ullah told the House that some Senators, MNAs, MPAs, senior bureaucrats and a few army officers had got rooms allotted in their names, but were not vacating these despite expiry of the stipulated period. He said as per govts policy, rooms at Punjab House were primarily meant for MNAs and MPAs and were allotted to them on first come first serve basis initially for a period of three days only. They have to pay charges for these rooms if they extend their stay beyond three days, he added. Rana said rooms might be allotted to other persons subject to availability and on payment of rent. The Speakers ruling came on a point of order raised by Punjab Senior Minister Raja Riaz who complained that MPAs from Punjab were facing problems in getting rooms at Punjab House, which had been occupied by illegal occupants. He asked the chair to constitute a House Committee to probe the matter. Many legislators supported Rajas contention and demanded action against the illegal occupants. The PPPs Nazim Hussain Shah suggested that the proposed House Committee should be headed by the Speaker himself given sensitivity of the matter. Labour Minister Ashraf Sohna called for an inquiry and strict action against the illegal occupants. He demanded that all those who are not entitled to get rooms at Punjab House should be expelled within three days irrespective of their official status. Maj (r) Abdur Rehman of PML-N said there was no need for constitution of any committee as law minister had got the list of all illegal occupants. It was time to order some action to vacate the illegally rooms vacated by the influential persons. Punjab Minister for Finance, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira on a point of order clarified that he never got any room allocated in his names at the said place. He asked the chair to hold an inquiry to ascertain this fact. Following is the list of illegal occupants of Punjab House as given by law minister along with period of their illegal occupation. Senator Jehangir Badr (residing since three years), Capt (r) Safdar (four months), Chief Secretary Punjab, (since long), Senator Mushahidulla Khan (four months), Tanvir Ashraf Kaira (one year), Senior bureaucrat, Yousuf Nasim Khokar (four months), another senior bureaucrat Saeed Ahmad Khan (three years), DG Rangers Yaqoob Ali Khan (four years), his PSO, Col Aftab (four years), Khawaja Muhammad Naeem (one month), Tahir Mahmood, MPA, (one year), Muhammad Akram Kanju (Seven months) and Adnan Khan (four months).