This is with reference to your editorial dated June 6, 2009 about the rampant corruption that prevails in Pakistan's bureaucracy. The system has been eroded so much and corruption institutionalised to such a degree, that most of what would be considered irregular in any civilized developed part of the world has been regularized by gross abuse of discretionary powers in our country. Our colonial masters distributed state lands to natives in order to buy their loyalties, thereby creating a group of collaborators for the Raj so that they could continue with their occupation. This practice of allotting state lands to members of civil or uniformed bureaucracy does not exist in even UK itself where the state gives houses only to the most underprivileged sections of the society at nominal rent. Only before the 80th century did kings and monarchs give lands to barons that provided them with men to fight wars and prolong their rule. Unfortunately for us, this shocking illegal practice of allotting state lands to the paid servants of the state has been regularised in Pakistan. Our country, its policies and system of governance has been held hostage by individuals and corporate interests of a few powerful segments of state institutions. This unchecked abuse today threatens our national security and we face insurgencies in various parts of the country. This country was created by Quaid e Azam to provide welfare to the people, but bureaucracy inherited from the Raj has corrupted the system so much that our limited state resources are being gobbled up at an unbelievable rate. Morality, ethics and fear of accountability, so essential for any system to succeed, play no role in the gross abuse of powers that our bureaucracy indulges in without any remorse. -T. ALI, Illinois, USA, via e-mail, June 6.