ISLAMABAD (APP) - Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has asked the contractor of Zero Point Interchange to submit demand notice of around Rs 89 million regarding shifting of 12 feeders from project site through Capital Development Authority (CDA)). According to official sources, CDAs officials agreed to submit the amount of demand notice at once so that IESCO could complete the replacement of transmission lines from the site. However, despite issuance of demand notice by IESCO within 14 days after submission of request from project contractor M/s Maqbool Associates in November 2008, they failed to compel the authority to submit full amount even after spending eight months, they added. They said in March 2009, during meeting with the IESCO Chief, the CDA Member Engineering agreed to submit whole amount at once however after spending two months the authority submitted only Rs 40 million which was not even 50% of total amount and against the decided plan between IESCO and CDA. They said on initial payment, the IESCO has started civil works at the project site for convenience of citizens and waiting for the remaining amount so that transfer of feeders could be started. An official of IESCO told this news agency that without having funds how the company could start work on the site when the CDA asked IESCO that it will pay remaining amount in installments. He added according to IESCO rules, the company starts work on such mega projects on availability of funds when it provided at once and not in installments. He blamed that the construction company of Zero Point Interchange without informing IESCO and in violation of law has put all the electric wires including long-wire, RCCs manholes and other cables under new roads due to which these power supply lines have become non-functional. He added now the company couldnt reach to any fault if created in such wires and also useless for repairing. Clarifying the situation, he said that as IESCOs power transmission system is underground so that the company had suggested the CDA two phase-wise plan for transfer of such system at project site. He added under such plan, it was proposed that the company will first start work on transfer of overhead system and than shifting of such system into underground after provision of land by the CDA and submission of demand notice. He however said that the apathy is on authority side which caused delay in transfer of such system and asked the contraction company to play role for submission of amount.