KARACHI - In order to resolve water and waste water related issues, two MoUs were signed Monday at KPT Head Office in the presence of Dr. Asim Hussain, Advisor to Prime Minster on Petroleum and Natural Resources and Chairman NRB and Secretary Ports and Shipping Salim Khan. The first MoU was signed by Chairperson KPT Mrs. Nasreen Haque, and by Didier Authier of Veola of France for carrying out comprehensive study on desalination plant and citys waste water ingress into Karachi harbour and solutions related thereto. The second was signed by Chairman PQA Vice Admiral Asad Qureshi, and by Didier Authier for studying a desalination plant to produce clean and drinking water for PQA. Talking to the media after the signing ceremony Dr Asim Hussain said that work on two projects at KPT and PQA will commence in one year at a cost of 100 million Euros. He said that Veolia has already obtained 100 MGD French Protocol for Lahore. He pointed out that Karachi is producing about 450 Mgd sewage for which 4-5 treatment plants were needed while at present three plants are functioning which are not recycling the sewage but disposing it into sea after treatment. He informed that work on these MoUs was going on for the last seven months. Dr Asim Hussain said that work on all development projects relating to his Ministry is going on and will be completed during the tenure of present government. Replying a question, the Advisor said that KPT will have both desalination and sewerage treatment plants while PQA will have only desalination plant. The KPT-Veolia MoU was described as an important milestone in KPTs journey towards its goal of achieving a pristine harbour environment. The horrendous influx of land abased pollutants, mainly the untreated industrial effluents and raw sewage from three quarters of the city directly into the harbour has not only jeopardized the marine ecology but has also been detrimental to human health and social environment. The adverse impact of these pollutants is not limited to Karachi Harbour alone as they get exported to the coastal water and tend to contaminate the fish and food chain. The efforts required to address the pollutants after they have entered the marine environment are several times of what is required to control them at source. KPT has time and again requested the concerned agencies to adopt measures to mitigate the influx of untreated effluents but they all appear to be resource constrained. KPT has moved another step forward to get a comprehensive study conducted through M/s. VEOLIA who have offered to arrange funding for the same. The proposed study would evaluate the existing situation on influx of land based pollutants from different sources in the entire harbour and propose cost effective viable solutions including the cost and the funding opportunities. Recycling of treated water, bio-gas power generation and compost fertilizer are additional options. This MOU envisages mutual cooperation and joint efforts to conduct the study. The tasks assigned to the parties are well defined. VWS-OTV would arrange funding for the cost of the study while KPT would provide access to the area, relevant documents/ data drawings, past studies, etc. KPT would also facilitate their interaction with concerned government and non-governmental offices including relevant ministries. The implementation phase of the project would involve the actual users of the study which include KW&SB, City Government and Sindh Government. It is expected that the study would pay long term dividends in terms of resolving this decades old issues in a cost effective manner. The MoU between PQA and M/s. Veolia study on desalination plant is also based on conditions similar to the KPT-Veolia MoU and is expected to contribute significantly in meeting fresh water requirements of the port as well as their rapidly expanding industrial zone. The VEOLIA water solutions and technologies is a part of the French group of companies VEOLIA Environment. Viola Environment is the world leader in Environmental Services with 50% of the activity in water construction and management.