I want to draw attention of the chairman CDA, Planning Division, and Federal government to join hand with Ministry of Railway in implementation of the extension plan of Islamabad Margalla Station up to Zero Point to facilitate millions of daily commuters. Life is becoming harder day by day for the common man as far as provision of basic necessities of life is concerned. Beyond edible necessities, the biggest problem is that of transport for citizens of the twin cities. The federal government has failed to provide a respectable, cheap and fast means of transport to them in terms of a local or circular train since the inception of the capital(1960). It is never too late, though. We can still start work on the extension of train service from Margala to Zero Point station (from H-9 to G-7). The availability of train service in the capital was also a part of the Islamabad Master Plan but it was put in cold storage by successive governments. Land is still available to extend this project to Zero Point. CDA, though, is focussed entirely on the extension of roads in capital and is increasing width and breadth of the capital roads while ignoring the rail facility totally. Rail service from Golra junction to Faisal Mosque that is connected then to the Zero Point, is the need of the hour. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 10.