MUMBAI - Meher Mohammad Khalil may be an unknown name in other parts of the world but has acquired a demi-god status in Sri Lanka and Pakistan after he saved the lives of Sri Lankan cricketers during the March 3 terror attacks in Lahore. He has been invited by the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) to witness the forthcoming Sri Lanka-Pakistan matches. "I received a call from an SLC official, however, I have expressed my inability to make my second trip to Sri Lanka as I am leaving for Saudi Arabia for Umra (it is a "minor" pilgrimage to Mecca which can be undertaken during any time of the year) within the next ten days and will be away for about a month", he said from Lahore. During his pilgrimage visit to Mecca, he will pray for a Pakistan win in this series. "As a host, it was my duty to save Sri Lanka players when they were in my country. But my heart will always be with the Pak. team and I wish our team continues winning more matches in Sri Lanka also", he added.Mr Khalil was behind the wheesl when gunmen attacked the convoy bringing the Sri Lankan team to the stadium in Lahore on 3/3. Eight people were killed, and few of Sri Lanka players suffered serious injuries. The bus driver (with his wife) was a guest and felicitated by Sri Lanka government and cricket board officials a few weeks ago.In the meantime in Sri Lanka, Pak. team coach Intikhab Alam has expressed his fullest satisfaction over security arrangements. "It is excellent and we have no fear whatsoever", he said from Taj Samudra. Major General Lawrence, the former number two of the Army, who retired as Chief-of-Staff last year is overseeing the security arrangement for both the teams. He was in charge of the national team in the recently concluded ICC World Twenty20 in England. Different bus routes to the stadium on all days will be tried this time.