The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's recent suo moto action on the formula for administrative slot-sharing between All Pakistan Unified Group (APUG) and the Provincial Management Service (PMS) is a very positive step towards provincial autonomy. Punjab has been a green pasture for the officers of the APUG who have always encroached upon the quota of the PMS officers in addition to their own share. If the career profile of the APUG officers is studied thoroughly, it becomes clear that certain officers have either not served in other provinces at all or the tenure of their service in other provinces is negligibly small. This is a brazen violation of the rules, policy and spirit of the constitution. The discrepancy in the promotion tenure of the APUG and PMS Officers has also created a huge gulf between the two cadres. Frustrations, in the ranks of the latter, are at an all time high. The whole scenario not only affects the morale of serving officers of the provincial service but also speaks volumes about the lack of sense of justice, equity and fair play in the federal service that is calling the shots in the country. -ALI AMJAD PERVAIZ, Lahore, June 29.