PESHAWAR (APP) - NWFP Chief Minister Amir Haider Hoti has assured that return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Malakand division would start very soon and repatriation would occur in phased manner. Addressing a ceremony held here at Frontier House on Monday in connection with distribution of cheques of Rs 30,000 each among 227 displaced journalists of Malakand division, the Chief Minister said govt is concentrating on strengthening of infrastructure before return of IDPs. He said return and rehabilitation of displaced persons is a hard task for government as compared to providing them relief. In order to revamp the damaged infrastructure of Malakand division, the govt requires about two billion dollars, he added. He said govt realizes that civil administration in Malakand division was weak as a result of which militants got space and organized in the region. However now, he continued, the government would make civil administration more strong and effective so that militants could not get any other chance of re-grouping in the area. In this connection, the CM said, govt has decided to set up more police stations in Malakand besides recruiting ex-armymen as Special Security Force. He said government has broken the backbone of militants in Swat and other areas, but they are not eliminated completely. We have reports that militants have moved to remote areas and may try to re-group in future. But, he went on to say that they would not be allowed to regroup. We have taken a resolve of complete elimination of militants from society because they are the enemy of people and nation and have committed inhuman crime which is not tolerable in any society, he added. The CM said government also needs peoples support in complete eradication of militants and in this connection it has been decided to recruit 7,000 people from communities under Community Policing Programme. Selection of these recruits will be made by people through jirgas and government will provide them weapons besides monthly salary of Rs 10,000. About strengthening of judicial system in Malakand, the Chief Minister said govt will ensure complete implementation of Nizam-e-Adl Regulations in letter and spirit. Govt is firm on its commitment in connection with enforcement of Nizam-e-Adl Regulations because this is the demand of the people of the area and not of the militants. The CM said justice delayed is justice denied and in future such a judicial system would be assured in Malakand division under which people would receive speedy justice. The CM also hailed the spirit of those people who accommodated IDPs at their homes. The CM said people of Malakand have sacrificed for the security of nation and country and there sacrifices would not go waste. He also thanked all the NGOs and international organizations that extended help in providing relief to the displaced people. The CM assured the displaced people that they would soon return back to their home with full dignity and honour. He also clarified that no one will be forced to go back to home adding repatriation would take place under the willingness of the people.