LAHORE - The national associations were seen as the driving force for the development of football with Vision Asia seeking to assist each of them in developing the structure best suited to the football environment in that country and building an administrative structure that incorporates the best practices, said Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)'s secretary general Lt. Col (r)Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi during concluding ceremony of Vision Pakistan Project Assessment team that left Lahore on Monday after holding a series of discussions with the officials of the PFF regarding the various administrative and football activities in the country. Lodhi said: "The PFF under directives and commanding leadership of PFF President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat is committed to implementing Vision Asia's principles of football development." PFF Director Operation Wng Cmdr (retd) Pervaiz Saeed Mir, Vision Asia Director Brendan Menton and other VA members Imtiaz Rehman (Vision India Director), Dr. Annathurai Ranganathan (grassroots and youth department development officer), Ali Targholizadeh (coaches education) and Ameez Mohamed (development officer - Referees) were also at PFF auditorium for concluding remarks. It was first detailed visit of VA team after one-day Pre-assessment visit on April 13 2009. Menton recognised the huge importance of the national associations in the Vision Asia plan. "Clubs at all levels, from professional to amateur and youth levels, were seen as the cornerstones for development with Vision Asia calling for them to be structured and managed to cater for the needs of all players - from facilities to coaches and sports scientists. "If the national associations do not have the guts or the will to develop coaches, Vision Asia or AFC cannot help or do anything about it, " added Menton, former general secretary of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). "The ultimate impact of Vision Asia will only be seen over time, the program has enjoyed a degree of success so far. Vision Asia will be successful with NAs who are committed to the development of football. As I have said in my presentation, 'A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step'. People must be brave to think it is a 1,000-mile journey which will not be easy and they must be courageous to do it," Menton added. The Vision Asia project has grown considerably with ongoing projects in a number of countries including Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Northern Mariana Islands, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Later on, Ahmed Lodhi distributed souvenirs among the five members of Vision Pakistan Project Assessment team who stayed five days at Lahore .