The birthday of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was celebrated throughout the country amongst the PPP ranks on 21st Jun. The co-chairman of the party traveled all the way to Nudero, Garhi Khuda Bakhsh to address the PPP workers and pay tribute to his late wife. While some camps celebrated the birthday of their Shaheed leader by cutting cakes of various sizes, some established Blood Donation Camps. For publicity, some top leaders of the party includingPresident Zardariwere shown donating blood on these centres. One of the PPP leaders Raja Riaz of course, faintedonce a bottle of 500cc of blood was taken out from his huge body.The age and habits of the donors of blood matter for the donee. Once I was told that doctors do not recommend the transfusion of blood of persons over 40 or those who have sick blood for the donee. As regards effect of habit/nature of the blood donors to the donee, it has also been observed that the donee adopts the habits of donor. There is a famous story of blood donation that once an Arab prince got sick and neededblood transfusion. During blood group matching, only blood of one Pakistani Sheikhmatched who willingly donated his blood. Once the prince got recovered, he gifted a Mercedez car to the Pakistani Sheikh for saving his life. After some time, the prince again fell sick and needed blood. The hospital contacted the same Sheikh for blood donation who readily agreed perhaps expecting a bigger gift. Once the prince recovered, he sent a flower bouquet to the Sheikh. He got a shock and enquired from the princerepresentative for this modest gift reminding him about the Mercedez last time. The rep remarked that first he had Royal blood in him and now the sheikh blood was running in the prince. So the lesson is that only leaders who are under 40, are healthyand are having clean habits or fulfill requirements of articles 62 and 63 of the constitution should donate blood. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June24.