As expected the MQM has done it again.The PML-Q and MQM joined the governmentfor the passage of budget 2011-12.Once done now, the MQM has followed their tradition of black mailing and getting the benefits for the future. The two Psi.e, the President and the Peer sahib will now have a meeting in London, shake hands and decide their future course of action, as to how to make public bigger fools. The PML N is also not far behind .Their rhetorics against the government during the campaign for A.K. Assembly elections was a clear cut indication.It is an open secret now thatall these partieshave done so in preparations for the next elections. Will they become serious and start taking politics, governance, law and order, justice in their true stride. One thing is very clear, it will be again these parties who will be dominating the next Assemblies. The public should be ready to face the irregularities in the future also, relax and enjoy as it is inevitable. In the present circumstances with these political parties and leaders, and the public at large, change cannot come. SALMAN BABAR, Lahore, June28.