LAHORE - India while rejecting Pakistans reservations on construction of three hydroelectric projects of 2150 MW capacity on river Chenab in Occupied Kashmir has announced completion of the projects till 2017-18, the highly-placed sources told TheNation on Wednesday. India has stance that it is completing all the formalities of Indus Basin Treaty and Pakistan should not lodge any protest in this regard. It is astonishing that India is producing electricity and irrigating its land while it has no concern with power shortage in Kashmir. According to the sources, local Kashmiri Muslims have strongly dislike construction of these power projects and New Delhi is trying to remove their reservations by luring them that Jammu Kashmir would be self-sufficient in electricity and jobs would be created for Kashmir youths with the construction of the dams. The sources said that 1000 MW electricity would be generated from Pakal Dol Power Project; 600 MW from Kero Power Project and 550 MW from Kawar Power Project and out of total 2150 MW power, 1300 MW electricity would be provided to Kashmir. India in a bid to remove hatred from hearts of Kashmiris says that 62 percent power would be provided to Kashmir unlike past when only 13 percent electricity was provided to them.