I was in America when I learned of the brutal death of Saleem Shahzad, whom I had met many years back through Kamal Majidullah, who was Editor of the eveninger, Star of the Dawn Group, in those days. I had interacted with Saleem and he had helped me in exposing the mismanagement and corruption in the KESC, before its privatization, through his investigative reporting. Over the years, I had lost touch with him, until one day, he came to the Helpline Trust office to lodge a complaint against a consumer product. It was then that he informed me that he had been appointed as Pakistans Bureau Chief of the prestigious Asia Times Online and was now investigating issues relating to Al Qaeda and terrorism. Little did I realize at that time, that his investigations would lead to his tragic death. His terrible murder was followed by the horrific gunning down of Sarfaraz Khan, a young, unarmed man in broad daylight by a bunch of trigger happy Rangers. What was even more appalling was, that these officers of the LEA, who are there to protect us, ignored the plea of help of the bleeding young man and that he be taken to a hospital and instead, watched him die, as he lay bleeding. And instead of taking drastic and immediate action against those responsible, all our leaders could do, is 'take notice of the incident and order, yet another inquiry. It seems that these Murders Most Foul (extra judicial killings) are a common practice in our system of justice and in many cases, condoned by senior officers of our law enforcing agencies and even ministers. The law of the jungle has replaced the rule of law. This is leading citizens to take the law into their own hands, playing the role of the judge, jury and the executioner and killing fellow citizens. Some of the killings that have gone unpunished, include the killing of Christians in Gojra in 2009, seven in police firing in Abbottabad last year, the brutal murder of two brothers in Sialkot and the killing of a family of five by FC men in Akhrotabad in Quetta, just to name a few. How many innocent men and women must die, before our nation wakes up and demands an end to the tragic state of affairs in the country? Like young Sarfaraz, Pakistan is bleeding to death. HAMID MAKER, Karachi. June 28.