Altaf Hussains disclosure in an interview to this newspaper that the MQM is ready to hold a dialogue with the PML-N deserves serious attention. To the question whether the general elections will be held in 2013 or earlier, he emphatically said that the PML-N holds the key to this issue. That shows the importance of the PML-N in the eyes of the MQM chief and the correctness of his political judgement. At the same time, the PML-N has also given out that it would invite the MQM to join the grand opposition alliance to which other parties could join and advised its leaders not to issue hostile statements against the MQM. While the two parties would make strange bedfellows in their campaign for fresh elections and saving Pakistan from multiple crises given their recent confrontationist policies, the change of heart should be appreciated. This will constitute a right step towards the setting up of a grand opposition alliance. But it is necessary that all those political parties who would be joining this alliance must carry the sole agenda of pulling the country out of the current maelstrom of rising prices, rampant corruption, misgovernance and terrorism. Even if unable to force early elections, a strong and vibrant opposition can keep the government under check and compel it to give up its destructive policies. It is heartening to note from media reports that one of the aims of the grand alliance would be to implement Parliaments resolution calling for an end to drone attacks. The alliance should form without further ado because there is considerable frustration among the masses, who are increasingly getting edgy over the failure of the ruling classes to address their problem, putting Pakistans nascent democracy at risk. One can hope that under the circumstances when political squabbles are pushing the country over the edge, partnership between the PML-N and MQM in the grand political alliance would be helpful for the country.