The meeting of the Trilateral Commission of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the USA in Kabul on Tuesday, looked at the crossborder shelling that has harmed Pakistans relations with Afghanistan, and ended with Pakistan making an impassioned call to end the blame game. This is only logical, and in fact makes it surprising that the other two countries have not come to the same conclusion. There seems no point to the blame being piled on Pakistan, unless one keeps in mind that the Karzai regime has faced relentless pressure from the impending US withdrawal, which will remove the underpinnings of the whole Afghan dispensation. It is because of this that Pakistan must be included in any solution, and the USA keeps making calls, which it renewed again in the Commission meeting, for Pakistan to launch an operation in Waziristan, specifically against the Haqqani Network. The challenges that will be faced by all stakeholders because of the US withdrawal, cannot be met if one ally blames the other for the strength of the militants, is the result of a combination of the incompetence and cupidity of the regime, as well as the historical Afghan hatred of foreign invaders. The USA should not insist on having a finger in the pie, and give up the fixation as a result of which it has veered towards India, of containing China. The desire of the Karzai regime to curry favour with the USA, and its resultant support of Indian ambitions in the region, should not blind it to the fact that Pakistan holds the key to the solution of the regions problems. That can only be done if Afghanistan was to actively join Pakistan, Iran and Turkey in getting the USA out of the region, and together solve the regions problems without any outside interference. The attack on the InterContinental Hotel in Kabul by suicide bombers is indeed a tragedy of great proportions, but at least is an indication that ascribing blame to one side or the other will not stop such terrorist episodes. It behooves the foreign occupiers of Kabul to provide security to such a high-profile site, and they must hold themselves, and no one else, responsible. The blame will be self-defeating, because it will solve nothing. However, with US officers, including the admiral in charge of the SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad and the general due to take over command in Afghanistan later this year, telling a Senate committee that Pakistan was unwilling to act against the Haqqani network, it just shows that the USA is going to continue the blame game. Pakistan should stop trying to satisfy the USA and should end the alliance so as to pursue its own interests.