One of the professors of Bolan Medical College, Quetta used to come to my office almost daily where I was working as Passenger Sales Manager, PIA about 10 years back. He used to pick up and drop his wife - our colleague in PIA and also their only daughter who was studying in a local school. On March 28, 2011, the Professor Syed Mumtaz Haider Naqvi was kidnapped by some unknown persons who later demanded huge money for ransom. Finally, the family members arranged the required amount after great difficulty and handed over Rs 2.7 million to the kidnappers who promised to release the professor in the evening. Nonetheless, they sent the dead body of the professor riddled with bullets on next day i.e. April 19, 2011 even after receiving the ransom money. As per press reports, a militant religious group had taken the responsibility of killing of the professor who was associated with the noble profession for over two decades in Bolan Medical College. Needless to mention here, all teachers are highly respected irrespective of the language they speak or their region, colour, sex, or sect for that matter. As homage to the respected professor as personally known to me, I humbly present my two tears for the bereaved family members in his memory and hereby condemn the militant group who despite receiving huge ransom money did not fulfill their promise to release the professor. In other words, they proved themselves worst than Somalian pirates who after receiving ransom money, released the hostages including Pakistanis, Indians, Egyptians besides a Sri Lankan as promised recently. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, June 29