Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif has announced that there would be no loadshedding during Sehar, Iftaar and Taraveeh timings in Ramazan across the country.

He was talking to newsmen after inaugurating Sasta Ramazan Bazaar at Sialkot. Asif said that the government was making effective measures to ensure maximum reduction in power loadshedding and giving relief to the people. He said that the government was striving to curb the menace of power loadshedding. He said that the government’s efforts were resulting in the minimisation loadshedding duration.

Talking to a delegation of Sialkot exporters earlier, he highly praised the role of Sialkot business community in strengthening the national economy and boosting the exports by earning foreign exchequer to the tune of US $ 1.6 billion annually.

He said that Sialkot exporters had set examples of self-help by completing the several socio-economic and public welfare projects on self help basis. He said that now Sialkot has become a role model for the developing world as well.

He said that the present government was fully aware of the problems being faced by the business community, and added that the government was making an all-out effort to give maximum relief and trade-related incentives to the businessmen. He said that the government intended to keep the industrial wheel moving in full motion, besides, striving to overcome the menace of persisting energy crisis. He said that the government had focused generation of maximum electricity by starting several power-generating projects across the country.

He said that the government was ensuring the provision of electricity to the industrial sector for continuing the industrial production, adding that the industrial sector was playing a pivotal role in strengthening the national economy and providing the employment opportunities to the thousands of the industrial workers.

He said that the present government’s effective and positive policies were bearing fruits due to which national economy was moving ahead towards the goal of economical stability.

EMPLOYEES GET LETTERS: District Coordination Officer Iftikhar Ali Sahu distributed appointment letters to 22 EPI vaccinators and 27 communicable diseases control supervisors during a special ceremony held here under the auspices of Sialkot health department.