This is in relation to Dawn’s editorial titled ‘India’s Nuclear Ambition’ (June 22) on the negative effects of the Indo-US nuclear deal. Pakistan has serious reservations over the Indo-US nuclear deal and related efforts promoting India in the international nuclear order. It is important to mention that eight Indian power reactors have permission to remain outside IAEA’s safeguards, without any justification, and are capable of producing weapons grade plutonium, which shows the double standards in the Indo-US nuclear deal.

On the other hand, an examination of the safety record in India’s nuclear facilities reveals poor practices and routine accidents, ranging from oil leaks to complete loss of power in a reactor causing all safety systems to be disabled. A dangerous mishap took place at the site of the under-construction Nuclear Submarine at Vishakhapatnam recently. It created ripples in the minds of the military leadership, while Indian political leaders were finding excuses to cover it up.

Ironically, Indian spin masters, in collaboration with Western media, keep on creating baseless fears that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are likely to fall in the hands of terrorists. However, ground realities prove that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are in safe hands. Hence, the West should review its discriminatory approach towards Pakistan on nuclear issues, as it can trigger a nuclear war in South Asia.


Rawalpindi, June 25.