ISLAMABAD: The Ogra has recommended a nominal increase in the prices of all petroleum products for the month of July.

Ogra has suggested an increase of 84 paisas per litre in the price of petrol, Rs3.63 per litre in the price of HOBC, 27 paisa per litre in high speed diesel, 22 paisa per litre in light diesel, whereas 30 paisa increase in kerosene per litre has been suggested. The regulator has sent a summary for the proposed prices to Ministry.  The authority has also put forward that govt could keep the current prices if it reduces the petroleum levy.  It was leant that it is likely that government keep current prices of petroleum prices to facilitate general public in the holy month of Ramadan. Last month, the government had kept the petroleum prices unchanged, against the proposal of Ogra.

It has been observed in the past that even a slight increase in petroleum prices could results in price hike and in Ramadan, when prices are already at upward trend, increase in petroleum prices could double the impact. If government increase petrol prices it would be applicable from July 01.