ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan Railways is planning to restore Musa Pak Express trains which was run between Lahore to Multan.

The train was closed due to non-availability of the passengers and financial crunch in the department, an official in the Ministry of Railways told APP. While various segments of society welcomed the Pakistan Railways decision to decrease fare by 10 per cent in the Economy Class fares of 10 trains saying the move would encourage people to frequently use the cheapest mode of traveling.  Pakistan Railways has also giving special bundle deal concession on the ‘Business Class’ as part of ‘Special Ramazan Package 2014’. Pakistan Railways has announced a substantive reduction of 10 per cent in rail fares on the directives of Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique in connection with the Holy month of Ramazan followed by Eid ul Fitr.

A passenger at Rawalpindi Railway Station Sohaib Mansha, who was about to travel to Karachi while talking to this scribe said, “Pakistan Railways have encouraged people to turn back towards this mode of communication so that they feel comfortable and enjoying a safe, faster and cheaper journey.”

However, he said, steps are also required from the government and management of Pakistan Railways to make sure that trains arrive on time. Another passenger Waqas Anwer said rail is the cheapest and safest mode of travel but for the last many years it was ignored by the past governments.

“We have noted that after taking charge of PML-N government the department was headed by Saad Rafique as minister, many positive changes were made to attract passengers”, he commented.   A family traveling to Lahore, said train is the best mean of transportation to make a journey with children and decrease in its fare would help Pakistan Railways earn more money.   The official of Pakistan Railways said the 10 percent discount in Economy Class will be available on Bolan Mail which runs between Quetta and Karachi. Passengers of Sukkur Express will enjoy 10 percent discount on Economy Class, AC Standard and AC Sleeper.  Fares of Economy Class and AC Sleeper of Khyber Mail too have been reduced by 10 percent. 

The fares of Economy Class, AC Sleeper and AC standard of Subak Raftar, Subak Kharam, Islamabad Express, Rawal Express, Khyber Mail, Tez Gam and Jaafar Express too have been reduced by 10 percent. Also a special offer of ‘buy five get one free’ on all the business class tickets has also been announced. Fares of Badeen Express and Saman Sarkaar have also been reduced, he said.