KARACHI - The leaders of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Karachi, has once again strongly condemned the killing of a doctor in the city, where already more than 130 doctors have been killed especially on account of sectarian violence. 

The condemnation was made in an Executive Committee Meeting of Pakistan Medical Association Karachi, held at PMA House Karachi.

The meeting strongly condemned the brutal killing of Dr. Syed Sharafat Ali, a family physician working at Old Golimar Karachi.

General Secretary PMA Karachi Dr. Qazi M. Wasiq said that by the killing of Dr. Sharafat the number of doctors being killed in the year 2014 has become eight. This is the second killing of the current week, he said.

 The members of the Executive Committee took serious notice of the apathy and non serious attitude of the higher officials of the Government Sindh towards the killing of the doctors. It seems that the ongoing killing of doctors in the province of Sindh is absolutely in-material for our rulers and they are seem to be unmoved.

 The Executive Committee of PMA Karachi demanded to arrest the killers of the doctors, exemplary punishment of these criminals and a reasonable compensation for the family of the victims.

PMA reserved the right to protest against the killing and kidnapping of the doctors and harassment of the doctors by the extortionist and Bhatta Mafia.