‘Revolution’ is not a piece of cake. Revolution has become a cliché in Pakistani politics. We take revolution as a piece of cake, without thinking about its consequences. Each leader who promised us a revolution got massive public support, led huge rallies, but there was no major change witnessed, instead we got marshal laws and these anti-government movements caused more chaos than good. It started with Field Marshal Ayub Khan’s revolution and ended with the 7 point agenda of Gen Pervez Musharraf. In between we saw ‘Indus-Water Treaty’, insurgency in Baluchistan, sectarianism, militancy, and ethnic division. The nation witnessed a war against terrorism and interference of US, Iran and Saudi Arabia in our internal affairs. We also witnessed a unique ‘revolution’ which was later known as the ‘black revolution’; the lawyer’s movement, for the reinstatement of the sacked judiciary. Now Tahir-ul-Qadri is promising a ‘revolution’ while sitting in a luxurious environment, with the help of people like Sheikh Rasheed, Ch. Pervez Elahi, Ch. Shujat Hussain and the MQM. He is a man, famous for his controversies; he was a close associate of the Sharif brothers in the 80’s. During the elections of 2013, Tahirul Qadri suddenly realized that the whole electoral system was flawed and he came to Pakistan to bring reforms. He led an impressive long march and a sit-in at D-Chowk, but his ‘revolution’ was left incomplete and ended in a baseless pact of three pages which he signed with the ministers, who he had termed as ‘Yazeeds’ only a few hours ago. There is turmoil in many Muslim countries; Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya all had either dictatorships or dynastic regimes, and there were attempts for revolution the collective revolution known at the ‘Arab Spring’ but ultimate beneficiaries are always those that control the status-quo. If we look at the Muslim countries which enjoy political and socio-economic development, such as Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia, they all have either democracy or civilian supremacy. It is up to us to decide, if we want to become like Syria, Egypt and Iraq or Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia. The PML-N government should seriously review its strategy. The PM should now lead from the front and approach major opposition parties for political stability. This ‘revolution’ is a myth that can only be broken by providing ‘good governance’ which has been lacking.


Rawalpindi, June 22.