1) Steal electricity:

We have to think of out-of-the-box solutions to deal with our energy crisis. As frequent power outages make life miserable for domestic consumers and cripple the industry, we must stop worrying about the resources we lack, and start thinking about how we can make use of what we have. One way to do that is to harness the free and unlimited supply of electricity that is being circulated in the power cables that we can find in abundance near our houses. Tap the wire, bypassing the meter, and reap the benefits of your creativity and innovation.

2) Leave the air conditioner on when you leave the house:

According to experts, it takes about thirty minutes for an air conditioner to cool a room to the desired temperature. That is about half an hour of exposure to the unrelenting heat wave. The only way to avoid that abomination is by leaving the air conditioner on when you leave the house, with the thermostat turned to the minimum possible temperature.

3) Drink water:

Key to fighting the scorching summer is to keep yourself hydrated, by frequently consuming water and other cold drinks. But cold water is not always easily available, but there are ways around that problem. Locate the refrigerator in your house or office, and see if someone else has placed a bottle of water or a can of soda in the freezer on top. Look around and see if someone is there. Upon being sure that you are not being watched, take out the bottle or can and proceed to consume the liquid, giving your body the much needed nourishment.

4) Open the fridge door and stand in front of it:

If the refrigerator is empty, or you are in a situation wherein it is hard to decide what you feel like consuming, leave the refrigerator door open and stand in front of it, enjoying the coolness emanating from the appliance as you weigh your options.

5) Don’t work:

Do not put extra stress on your system by working during the summer. If your office is air conditioned, it is highly recommended that you visit every day and spend as much time on the premises as you can. But do not allow anyone to pressure you into doing any work, and resist any expectations of productivity during this month.

6) Yell at people:

Research has shown that anger is a very powerful emotion. Suppressing anger can lead to emotional imbalance. Feeling and expressing anger, on the other hand, can help numb down other senses, emotions and feelings, making you forget, for up to an hour, about the weather, while also giving you a more balanced personality in the face of unforgiving heat.

7) Wear inappropriate clothes:

Expose as much of the surface area of your body as possible to air. For women, this involves the risk of exposing as much of the surface area of your body as possible to staring men. For boys, this means waring a pair of shorts that has not been washed for weeks to college or to work. More conservative men may want to wrap a sheet of cloth around their waist. If you want to sit down, or if suddenly the wind begins to blow, do not panic. Everyone is responsible for controlling their own gaze.

8) Stand right in front of the air conditioner:

When sharing a room or office with other individuals, it is advised that you move your chair to, or stand, right in front of the air conditioner, ensuring that you either block the air that comes out of it, or at least benefit from it before anyone else does. If other individuals in the room have a problem with that, do not hesitate to follow step 6 of this guide.

9) Pour water over your head:

Pouring cold water over your head can help you cope with the extreme heat. However, there is no need to shower. The goal is to cool yourself down, not to clean yourself. If you have been perspiring profusely, the latter can be achieved by using deodorant spray in your sweating armpits. The perfume in the body spray will alter the odor in a way that it will be unrecognizable, thus confusing passers-by.

10) Stay out of the kitchen:

Delegate all kitchen chores to a servant or a maid, or a family member who is expected to be more resistant to the sweltering heat than yourself, or deserves to be exposed to testing temperatures.