BBC in its current report unveils Indo MQM relations against sovereignty of Pakistan. BBC claims that India funded MQM, trained its workers with a view to accelerating terrorist and sabotage activities in Pakistan and particularly in Karachi, the economic hub of the country. BBC is not an unbiased organisation and often works as a tool for the vested interests of the West and the USA, to destabilise countries as in 1970s we saw its subversive role, when by fabricating baseless and poisonous table stories it created distrust between the East Pakistan and the West Pakistan that resulted in the fall of Dacca and emergence of East Pakistan into Bangladesh.

So, one should see its new revelations with a grain of salt but the street crimes and subversive activities of MQM, over the decades and holocaust of innocent workers of factories, as reported in media and in reports of intelligence and security agencies have left little for MQM to disown it and establish its innocence.

Since Rangers’ raid on MQM Headquarter ‘90’ in March last, street crimes particularly target killings have reduced. Everyday strikes leading to closure of Karachi against the arrest or killing of a single MQM worker are also on the curb. Detention of MQM culprits and target killers from “90” and other hide outs and confessions of their crimes and links to RAW, in order to destabilise Pakistan, has established the fact that in MQM there are some sections who are working against our homeland.

The charges levelled by BBC are of serious concern and require an in depth investigation. MQM ought to have challenged the allegations in British court. If MQM fails to prove its innocence, it would be presumed that the BBC has validity of its blames levelled. Then stern action should be taken against criminal faction in MQM, harming and destabilising Pakistan irreparably.


Muzaffargarh, June 25.