Indian government’s anti-Pakistani sentiment has for long shadowed the bilateral relations between the two neighbouring states, making it impossible to sustain an atmosphere of cordial relations that would prove to be conducive to the entire region. Contrarily, burdened by its legacy of back stabbing dirty politics, it has proven to be an existential threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, through its recurrent anti-Pakistan practices and remarks.

Ironically India’s long maintained image of an innocent and pure nation, suffering the wrath of terrorists pouring from Pakistani borders came across as a gory façade when Narindera Modi, in his address at the Dhaka University, affirmed and corroborated the conniving role of India in the separation of East and West Pakistan. For Pakistanis India’s participation in the debacle of East Pakistan was no hidden fact. India would have to be futuristic enough to mend its ways and bring about a transition in its policy towards Pakistan, if it wants to contribute to peace in the region. Pakistan on the other hand needs to wake up from its slumber, get over with its internal political blame game and realise the potential threat its enemies pose towards its sovereignty.


Lahore, June 14.