Hundreds of deaths are being reported in Karachi due to heat and lack of water and shortage of power that is heart rending. Many are accusing the rulers for not building a mega dam like KBD that would have solved the chronic problem of water and power shortage. However in spite of dire need of dams no action has been taken by politicians. Piles of dead bodies are being deposited in morgues and things have become desperate. KBD has to be built, post haste, in a few years, or the nation cannot exist under present conditions. The politicians are to be blame as they are responsible for making KBD a victim of politics. Every disaster is described as ‘beauty of democracy,’ but in fact democracy in our land has not delivered and people are dying in hundreds each day but nobody is ready to move as if in a stupor. The PM appears to be suffering from memory lapse, as demonstrated in a recent episode of forgetting the name of ‘Chaman’ a city on border of Baluchistan. He has apparently forgotten the name of KBD, which he promised at the time of exploding six nuclear devices in 1998.


Lahore, June 25.