While half of Pakistanis are glued to their TV screens every Monday night watching Man Mayal, our newsfeeds are filling up with rants and reviews of the plot, the characters and most importantly, Jeena. She is the character that has everyone shaking their heads. You can say whatever you want about the wicked and scheming solutions to her problems but there’s one thing we must admit…uss k to maa baap bhi nahi hain.

Here are the 12 times we sympathized with Jeena for not having Maa Baap:

First, it is important to know who Jeena really is so let’s look at this definition provided to us:

  1. Let’s start by a fair warning

Yes, not really a great role model for anyone. Unless they aspire to be a crafty and devious employee who

doesn’t understand personal space.

2. We’re all sad about Messi’s retirement but Jeena has to face the real problems.

A legend of football retires, but a poor girl like Jeena is helpless in such a situation.

3. Even Maualana Qavi is better off than poor Jeena

Maulana Qavi is too busy for her, but Salahuddin has his own Qandeel Baloch.

4. It’s about time we come together as a nation and cater to those who need our help

Please deliver your zakat and atyat to Salahuddin’s house because Jeena never leaves it anyway.

5. Special request to the shopkeepers as Jeena shops for Eid

Well they aren’t going to give us a discount for our replica Eid dresses but maybe they’re kinder to Jeena?

6. She’s a poor innocent girl…jis k maa baap b nahi hain

She’s shed more tears for having no parents than Batman.

7. She even has a good reason to get married

You know it’s very rewarding to do pious deeds in Ramzan, what are you waiting for?

8. The only price we pay is our newsfeeds filled with posts about her

Everyone leaves her, but she never leaves social media.

9. Poor Jenna, she has so many problems

She couldn’t have him in the drama, and PEMRA banned him in Ramzan Transmission. What’s her fault?

10. But don’t worry Jeena, we have a solution for you

This is the best we could come up with. Salahuddin gets Mannu and Jeena gets parents.

11. Although some people are not so generous towards her

So much for donuts and being just a little chipkoo.

12. They have straightforward conclusions about what she really needs

No Sallahuddin? No Jameel? But she already has no Maa Baap!

The question remains who she gets and we pity the soul who marries her. To find the answer we’ll have to

wait another whole week.