So excited was our national media about the Brexit drama that it forgot to tell us anything about the momentous Putin-Xi huddle in Beijing happening around the same time. By the look of things, the progressively deepening China-Russia friendship has taken another significant leap which will have far-reaching consequences for our region and the world. Most of our national dailies had nothing to tell us about it though. Not even on their pages for international news.

Out of the four English-language Pakistani dailies that I read, only one carried a report about Putin’s Beijing visit; that too by AFP and tucked away on its International page. Even in this day and age when the world is clearly divided, our national media is exclusively fixated upon one-sided western news sources. There’s no attempt to bring in the perspective from Beijing or Moscow. Not a word from Tass or Xinhua, even when it is about a meeting between leaders of their countries.

Even as the biases and downright lies propagated by the bibles of western mainstream media become more and more glaring each passing day, there’s no attempt by our media to present the other side. Can they not hear the powerful and coherent voice of resistance against the US-led world order rising in unison from Moscow and Beijing? What do they have to gain by filtering out this song of hope for Pakistan? Do they think that it would go away if they ignore it? That is not happening.

The China-Russia friendship is here to stay. In fact, the only way it could go is up. This much was written on the wall even before last week’s meeting between President Xi and President Putin in Beijing. The meeting just put things in higher gear. The joint statement on strengthening strategic global stability signed by the two leaders indicates that they are ready for a more closely coordinated and assertive role in world affairs.

According to President Putin: “This document legally recorded the strategic partnership between Russia and China, relations of a new type, based on mutual respect, friendship and consideration of each other’s interests, a partnership which not only serves the fundamental interests of our peoples and the task of long-term development of the two states, but also serves as an important factor in global and regional security and stability”. I especially like the bit about legally recording it.

So why do you think China and Russia decided to record their partnership on strategic global security at this point in time? Is it because they are now confident about the solid foundations of mutual trust, multi-faceted cooperation and institutional coordination that they have built bit by bit between them, confident enough to go out and act as one in the international arena? Or is it the fast-changing global scenario that has motivated them to closer joint action? Maybe, it’s a bit of both.

Due to the vision of a multipolar world that the two countries share and due to sincere diplomacy and effective coordination between them, China and Russia have similar stances on regional and world affairs already. The joint statement heralds a new phase of their friendship, taking it a notch higher. They are now ready to step together into the international arena, to expand multipolar win-win cooperation and to act collectively against forces of instability and lawlessness. We in Pakistan should thank God for that.

After all, don’t we know a thing or two about such forces? Weren’t we on the brink of becoming another Afghanistan or Syria? Aren’t we still fighting the remnants of the same forces of instability and lawlessness unleashed upon societies around the world by the US-led empire? After all, we know quite a few things about barbaric drones and militant proxies, toys and tools of the lawless empire. Let’s not mistake it: China and Russia are fighting our war.

They might be diplomatic about it but let’s not mistake it even for one moment, when the leaders of Russia and China talk about strengthening global and regional security and stability, it is a direct challenge to the lawless adventures of the US cabal, to what it is doing in Syria, Afghanistan, in so many places all over the globe. Besides, they are learning fast about the absolute deviousness of the US diplomacy and the futility of any well-meaning dialogue with it. The statement indicates that they are resolved to deal with it together.

Of course, it helps that China-Russia friendship is on the right side of history. The world is ripe for change, to break free from the debilitating tyranny of the US-led empire and the global world order that it would like to impose on every country on the planet, bringing ‘democracy and freedom’ through armed interventions, terrorists proxies and donor-driven colour revolutions where necessary, killing innocent civilians, robbing resources and controlling territories in the process. History is ready to move on, and China-Russia friendship is helping it do just that.

Even our Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs has finally woken up to note that ‘the rise of the United States as a sole superpower resulted in disappointment and hopelessness’. That’s not all. He went on to say that Russia was an important global power and that Pakistan was enhancing defence and trade ties with Moscow. Other foreign policy officials have started making the right noises as well. The meeting at the GHQ was not a waste of time after all.

This is not enough though. Months after sanctions against Iran were lifted, the government is still not ready to trade with it. There must be clarity on our part about where our priorities lie and that they entail a distancing from the US cabal. We don’t have to wait for the formality of becoming a full member of the SCO to enhance multifaceted cooperation with Russia and Central Asian countries. The government might not like it but an apex committee for CPEC should be formed to expedite its completion and save it from corruption and controversy. A new world beckons and we’d be silly to ignore it.