Hashish uses among youth is on the rise. Hashish addiction was on the top among other drugs consumption mostly by teenagers. It is common among the educated youth which has affected them mentally. It is very rampant to young generation and they use it and enjoy with it.  

Around 15 to 20 young students walk up to small triangular parks and blind corners of hayatabad while some young boys also cross over to shakas makeshift kiosks and shops where they buy this product and enjoy smoking this. Hashish is so common and viral that it is no more considered a drug. About 90 per cent hashish addicts are living in private hostels of schools, colleges and universities.  

As a result, the hashish affect the brain, violent behavior and the addicts loss weight due to lossing appetite. I request to government to focus on youth and save the future of young generation as they are involved in illegal activities. 


Turbat, June 1.