Turbat is one of largest cities of Balochistan where almost all of the facilities are available like school, colleges, university, library, markets, electricity and hospitals but unfortunately the doctors of the hospitals are dull because there is no system of checking in Turbat’s hospitals as doctors only see the face of patients and write lots of medicines’ name on a page in order that patients should buy that and should take that everyday.

But the shocking thing is that doctors even do not give proper medicines to the patients because many times their given medicines were shown to Karachi’s doctors who became shocked that patients are taking wrong medicines and these medicines are giving birth to some dangerous diseases in patients body.

Patients should get the medicines of the disease by which they are suffering from but not the medicines of suger in the place blood pressure.

So, we humbly request to the health minister of Kech for taking tests of all doctors in Turbat and should retire the dull doctors who do not know how to treate someone but still getting salaries so they must not remain doctor anymore so that the precious lives of Turbat’s residents must be saved.


Turbat, June 9.