Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), spoke against the double standards of the world regarding its obligation to prevent crimes against humanity.

She was speaking in the General Assembly debate on 'Responsibility to Protect and Prevent Crimes against Humanity'. 

She remarked, "The tragic victims in occupied Jammu and Kashmir suffer the further indignity of living under an illegal occupation."

Furthermore, Lodhi also talked about the grave condition of Palestinians where the failure of the international community to uphold these norms has been the 'most manifest and telling'. 

She said that Security Council didn't take action against the killings in Gaza when over 130 innocent Palestinians, including countless women and children were killed.  She added that the Security Council stood as a silent bystander to the plight of the long-suffering Palestinian people.  

Dr Maleeha Lodhi stressed the world community that in these times, the international community should not be 'selective' in its approach, such as being provoked at some transgressions while choosing to wilfully ignore others.

She added, "Against this backdrop, calls for accountability of double standards and selectivity, especially when egregious crimes including killings and mass-blinding are being committed in full view of the international community ."

She asserted, "We should neither attempt nor accept any artificial duality between the twin imperatives of legitimacy and legality."

She urged the world body for implementation of consistent and uniform standards and emphasized collective responsibility to prevent these grave crimes. 

She said, "The 'will' of the international community , in particular, the permanent members of the Security Council, is crucial."