KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) top leadership is facing tough questions from the constituents regarding performance of past years during visits of areas that once remained party stronghold. 

On Friday, the situation for MQM-Pakistan senior leader Dr Farooq Sattar turned unpleasant as he faced tough questions from citizen. According to details, Sattar reached New Memon Masjid Boltan Market to offer Jumma prayers while after the prayers the resident of the areas surrounded Sattar seeking the answers of tough questions.

The annoyed people asked Sattar that his party had remained victorious from the areas since last 25 years while none of the candidate has done visible work for the constituency. MQM forcefully collected sacrificial animals’ hides but no work for the areas despite of remaining in rule. Why should people vote for you, what special work you have done for the port city, they questioned? 

Sattar remained calm and addressing the resident accepted the wrong doing of the party. In past the party took wrong decisions but now realizing the facts we will knock each door with apologies. I am initiating election campaign for today and also going to make a key announcement at any instant, said Sattar.

Further claiming that MQM-P vote bank is still intact; he said there is no doubt Karachi is getting nothing in return even after paying the share of 70 per cent as Revenue. Provincial rulers keeping the local government power at its end has increased the miseries of people as the former rulers instead of doing work made obstacles in municipal work of city. He said that victimization has not halted yet, there is no proper transport system in city while unemployment issue remained unaddressed by the rulers. MQM-P since its foundation is in the political field for the due rights of a common man but it is unfortunate hurdles was being made in the way. Recently low populations of Karachi were shown with a plan to allot low resources for the mega city, he added.

Sattar said that PTI‘s Imran Khan and PML-Nawaz should demand for the recount of the populations and formation of new province before asking votes from the citizen. The fair distribution of the resources is the only way to bring the Karachi out of crisis, he concluded.