ISLAMABAD- (Online): United Group of ICCI on Saturday said that the anti-encroachment operation by the Capital Development Authority proved selective and it left much to be desired.

The operation was conducted at many places but some encroachments were simply ignored which must be probed, said Senior Vice Chairman of United Group, Shahid Zaman Shinwari.

Talking to business community, he said that the traders and others responsible for encroachment were penalized by the government officials while those getting the benefit of encroachments were spared. He said that residential and commercial areas were still full of encroachments as the so-called operation of CDA was more of an eye-wash.

Shinwari noted that the group taking Islamabad Chamber as hostage has also grabbed state’s land worth billions but no action was taken against them which had raised many questions.

He said that many operations were conducted in F-6 Super Market by the illegally-constructed shops of the president ICCI and other influential figures were not touched.

The officials of CDA are the main hindrance in restoring the beauty of federal capital as they allow and protect encroachments for personal benefits which is an open secret, he said.

He said that CDA bosses should show some impartiality by taking action against their own subordinates for shielding the corrupt since long.