Gwarkop, a small village of the district Kech, is facing many problems, but I will only mention some of them. These problems include the lack of government schools, drinking water, teachers, and electricity. I live in Gwarkop and know that these people are very poor and can not afford to educate their children. They are, nonetheless, trying their level best.

I am, however, confused at the absence of government schools in the area. There is a private school, but the people cannot afford its high fees. They, nonetheless, try working harder to earn more and send their children to these private school.

We also lack the facility of water, which is necessary for living, and need to walk for 45 KM for potable water. Another problem that we face is the shortage of electricity. Most of the people in Gwarkop are farmers who need water for their fields, which can only be obtained through electrical motors. Without electricity, these motors do not work and the farmers have to face a lot of problems. I request the government of Balochistan to provide us with these facilities.