The World Health Organization says Canada is doing “pretty well” in its fight against COVID-19, but Canadians know they have sadly lost on another battle front.

Damning figures show that of the 8,582 deaths as of Monday, 81% have been in long-term nursing homes.

These are the vulnerable elderly who built this country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted recently, and they fall under provincial jurisdiction that has failed them.

“It is a provincial responsibility,” he said, “[They] have failed to support our seniors…the job is not being adequately done in long-term care centers across the country.”

Heartrending stories of families peering through closed windows at their elderly mothers, fathers and grandparents because they cannot enter the buildings are commonplace.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said in late April that his wife Karla’s 95-year-old mother, a nursing home resident, tested positive for the virus, as did 35 residents and 29 staff members. The Toronto-area home had 12 deaths by then. No visitors allowed.