Higher Education Commission (HEC) decision to launch online classes was undoubtedly an exclusive option available to embark upon. Besides going for such an option, there should be certain issues to be addressed.

For instance, Pakistan is a country with a major chunk of land deprived of 4G services mostly in distant areas. Resorting for such avenue is simply to take away the educational facility from the less privileged areas.

Moreover, it poses great loss to the students living in combined family structures. Students cannot manage to build concentration in limited home space thus creating an unconducive environment. Furthermore, most of the students are not in a position to afford the hefty internet packages especially when these crises has put great cut on the global economy.

The most often complaint raised by students is an inconsistent internet connection; most of the times service is disconnected due to various reasons. Therefore, students feel great distraction while viewing lectures.

Most importantly, there are long outages of electricity almost in every corner of the country hence this creates major inconvenience while dealing with electronic gadgets. Last but not least, teachers are not compatible with online classes. This may be the lack of training provided to them.

Therefore, I request higher authorities to mitigate the sufferings of students in the best possible manner otherwise there is no motive left behind to close educational institution when almost all the parts of the country is normalised with explicitly violating SOP’s. Even when sectors like Transports and public places, considered as the hotspot for spreading virus, are eased, then what is the motive behind closing educational institution?