LAHORE - An online general body meeting of Professional Association of Insurance Surveyors of Pakistan (PAISP) was held last day. Insurance surveyors from all over Pakistan participated in the meeting and discussed their grievances. Suggestions were given and it was concluded to write a letter to Prime Minister to resolve their problems through proper legislation. The letter sent to the Prime Minister was drafted with consensus of the surveyors. Before drafting the letter, President PAISP Junaid Zaidi addressed the surveyors and stated, “Since Pakistan was came into being, the insurance business was running under the Insurance Act 1938 and the settlement of claims against the losses to the insured properties was done by the insurance companies themselves. As the insurance business in Pakistan increased and new insurance companies are incorporated, problems to policy holders also increased. Most of the policy holders remained improperly indemnified. Thus an amendment through Insurance Rules 1958 were implemented and the “Independent Insurance Surveyors” were introduced for the assessment of loss to the insured property. Since then the Insurance business was running perfect.” Later in 2000 Insurance Ordinance was promulgated during the period of dictatorship by repealing Insurance Act 1938. Unfortunately, due to lacking of legislative process a number of ambiguities in the Insurance Ordinance 2000 were left.