LAHORE            -         Punjab government on Monday released the data and statistics of the treatment facilities being offered to the coronavirus patients in the province, including HDUs, isolation wards and ventilators available at all hospitals.

As per the latest data released by the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department and the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department, out of 8,958 beds reserved for the COVID-19 patients at government hospitals, 7,627 are unoccupied.

At Lahore’s government hospitals, 1,945 beds are unoccupied, out of total 2,347.

Secretary SHME Barrister Nabeel Awan said that in Punjab hospitals’ isolation wards, 5,237 beds are available, out of to 5,882 reserved for the corona patients.

In isolation wards of hospitals in Lahore, 1,515 beds are unoccupied, out of 1,633 reserved for the purpose.

In the High Dependency Units in entire Punjab, 1997 beds are unoccupied, out of 2,573 reserved for the coronavirus patients whereas at HDUs of Lahore’s hospitals, 324 beds are unoccupied, out of total 508.

Similarly, in entire Punjab 389 ventilators are non-functional, out of total 574 reserved whereas in Lahore, 110 ventilators are unoccupied out of 210 reserved for the patients, the Secretary SHME added.

On directions from the Health Minister the facilities are being scaled up for COVID-19 patients across the province.