We are given countless blessings, but they are only valued when they are snatched from us. Health is one such example; we only value good health when we do not have it. We need to be vary of losing both mental and physical health. In my opinion, it is easier to maintain physical health than it is to maintain mental health. But whether it is easy or not, we must take good care of it. Mental and physical health are interlinked, as pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus said, “A sound mind in a sound body”.

A sound mind can lead to a sound body and good physical health also helps in building a sound mind. Therefore, they impact each other in one way or the other.

It is not difficult to maintain physical health. You just need good dietary habits, a well-scheduled routine and most importantly the discipline to adhere to it. In the contemporary’s world ravaged by a pandemic, good health is even more important. We need to keep our immune system strong, eat healthy and safe food. Even our authorities are emphasizing on it a lot. For example, the Punjab Food Authority is aggressively campaigning in this context. To ensure the provision of safe food, they are raiding restaurants and making sure health guidelines are followed.

Our Health departments, such as the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, also stress on maintaining a profitable degree of physical and mental health. As far as mental health is concerned, it is no doubt that keeping it intact is far more difficult, but we must keep trying. We must do whatever it takes to avoid stress and try to keep our surroundings alive and happy. Do not take your health lightly especially in the current situation. Eat healthily, avoid stress, exercise, be happy and stay safe. Value this blessing before it is taken away from you.