KABUL (AFP) - Four Afghan police were killed in a rebel ambush in western Afghanistan Sunday, while three army commandos and 10 rebels died in other violence, authorities said. Three policemen were killed after militants attacked their vehicle near the western province of Herat, a police spokesman, Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, told AFP. A senior police officer was injured, he said. Another officer was killed after a police post was ambushed by the rebels overnight elsewhere in the same province, Ahmadi said. Three Taliban were also killed in that raid, he added. Earlier, three Afghan army commandos were killed in a roadside bomb blast in the eastern province of Paktia on Saturday, the US-led military and the Afghan defence ministry said separately. The soldiers, part of a newly-trained elite army unit, were on a reconnaissance patrol when their vehicle struck the crudely made bomb in Paktia near the Pakistani border, they said. Coalition soldiers were also part of the mission but they suffered no casualties, the US military said. "The commandos detained six individuals for suspected involvement in the attack," it added. Also on Saturday, four militants were killed after the Afghan army pounded their positions in Paktika province, the defence ministry said. The rebels had initially launched several rockets on the army positions which caused no damage, it added.