ISLAMABAD - The leaders of the newly-formed Awami Party, here Sunday, asserted that their party was receiving immense feedback in different cities across the country. Addressing a press conference, the members of Central Executive Committee (CEC) Dr Hassan Nasir Central Convener, Ayub Malik Punjab Convenor, Ashfaq Salim Mirza, Coordinator Manifesto and Haris Khaleeq Coordinator of the party vowed to project and bring the underprivileged classes into mainstream. They briefed the media about the party's agenda, structure and further course of action. Haris Khaleeq said that since its formation, Awami Party was receiving immense feedback by the masses. "We launched the party some four months back and since then we have been getting such an amazing response in cities as well as rural areas," he maintained. Haris said that around 40 percent of the party's restructuring was completed in Mutan, Mandi Bahauddin and other major cities of Interior Punjab. "We are fully aware of the fact that these are early days of our party and we have to work very hard and pick the right people for party's different slots," he added while expressing hope that the able leadership of Awami Party, with the help of masses of Pakistan, would eradicate social vices from Pakistan. Central Convenor Hassan Nasir said the abolishing of poverty, social injustice and paucity of food for poor, besides the creation of employment opportunities, rule of law and provincial autonomy were the salient features of the agenda of Awami Party. "The party comprises ordinary masses of Pakistan. We need the support of people so that we could raise our voice for them," he observed. Ayub Malik, Provincial Convenor from Punjab said that the party was aggressively expanding its memberships in AJK besides Punjab. "Currently we are focussing on streamlining Awami Party in Punjab and AJK, especially Muzaffarabad. We have been receiving cordial response from Balochistan and Sindh also, and we would launch our operations in these provinces soon," he informed. Ashfaq Salim Mirza, Co-ordinator Manifesto, said, "The formation of the constitution of any political party is an uphill task indeed. While forming the constitution of Awami Party, we make sure that any specific individual does not hijack the party. Awami Party is not the personal property of any one. We would introduce democratic process for the selection of our leadership through elections." Ashfaq said that special emphasis was given to make sure that feudalism, and rule of one man are kept aside to give equal representation to ordinary masses. Meanwhile, the leaders informed that the membership for Awami Party was open for all. "The ordinary masses of Pakistan are welcomed to join us at a time when our country is facing lack of leadership to confront different grim challenges, both externally and internally. It's time for a change, a positive change towards a bright future ahead," they added.