LAHORE - In an implicit reference to Establishment, President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said that "certain forces" wanted to keep PPP out of Punjab, believing that country's political balance has tilted much in PPP's favour. "Following PPP's political achievements both in the Centre and in the four provinces, certain forces (within the government) believe that political balance has turned much in PPP's favour, therefore they want us to sit in the Opposition, ostensibly to strike a balance," Zardari told PPP legislators from Punjab while chairing a meeting of party's Punjab parliamentary party at Governor's House, here. "Whether it be election of the prime minister, president or Senate chairman, the PPP has scored victory after victory, besides forming governments in three provinces. But this is something, which is hard to be digested by certain elements, who are now conspiring against our government," Zardari further told the meeting. The President said he did not believe in confrontation, as he had always talked of ending this bad tradition for the sake of effecting a greater reconciliation. "As you had empowered me to take a decision with regard to forming government in Punjab, I have decided that PPP should sit in the Opposition to avoid confrontation," he told party parliamentarians. Depressed as they were following the latest developments, President Zardari boosted party legislators' morale by saying that there was no need to get frustrated at the moment. "The President, Prime Minister and Chairman Senate, all belong to the PPP. Apart from this, we have our governments in the Centre, Sindh and Balochistan besides being share holders in NWFP," he encouraged the legislators, adding that there was nothing to worry about if PPP has to sit on the Opposition benches. He also read out a Quranic verse on the occasion, which says, "It is He who bestows all honour, and it is He who lowers one in esteem". "It is God Almighty who made me country's President after 11 years of incarceration," he further observed. He said sitting in the Opposition was not a new experience for the PPP, as it had the history of long struggle against undemocratic forces. "A PPP MPA should be the one who fights for the rights of peasants, labourers and the downtrodden people of this country; and not the one who runs after ministries and other material gains," Zardari gave a piece of advice to party men. Talking about party strategy regarding future cooperation with the PML-N in case February 24 status is restored in Punjab as a result of a possible court decision, Zardari said, "It depends on PML-N attitude". He said decision to give the chief minister's slot in Punjab to PML-N had been made in the national interest to further advance PPP's agenda of national reconciliation. "The ball is now in PML-N's court", he said. He said PPP would settle terms and conditions of its future alliance with the PML-N before becoming part of the government. "We will not sit on Treasury benches along with PML-N, unless the latter so desires and gives concrete guarantees that it would give due respect and status to PPP ministers and MPAs," he made it clear, while lamenting that in the past, they (PML-N) did not give respect PPP MPAs. The President criticised PML-N leadership, saying that despite open offers of cooperation both in the Centre and in Punjab, it never responded in a positive manner for the sole reason that they don't want to come out of Punjab politics. He said PML-N should shun the politics of forward bloc as PPP has pledged to support it unconditionally. He said PPP had set new a new precedent of tolerance by giving a complete opportunity to the PML-N for government formation in Punjab, and will not let down it. The PPP's future strategy vis-a-vis PML-N will hinge on latter's conduct, he added. About Sharif brothers' disqualification case, Zardari said that neither the judges were pressurised before nor would they be made so in future. President Zardari said despite difference of opinion, new political friends were taken on board in all matters. He said PPP would promote the politics of tolerance, decency and do away with the politics of confrontation and agitation. He said it was in the spirit of reconciliation that he had announced during his address to joint session of the parliament, the lifting of Governor Rule in Punjab and asked PML-N to form its government in the province. He maintained that PPP was a democratic party that believed in democratic traditions, and wanted resolution of all problems through political and democratic means. He was of the view that the party always took decisions keeping in view future needs and prevalent circumstances. Describing the role played by the party and Bhutto family for institutionalising democratic values, he said it was unmatched in the political history of Pakistan, especially the sacrifices rendered by Bhutto family. He stressed the need to convey the messages of party founder Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto properly to the masses at the grassroots level in every nook and corner of the country. During the course of his address to the meeting, Zardari censured PPP leaders who resigned in the middle of recent crisis. "It was not the right time to leave the party when it was under clouds", he said, and added, "it would have been better had they waited for the right time to do so ". Now, they are seen no where except in newspaper headlines", he commented. Speaking on the occasion, party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari mentioned sacrifices of his family and those of his father for the cause of democracy. He lauded reconciliation policy of his father, saying that he offered olive branch to all political forces in the country immediately after taking oath as the President. "As long as my father is in politics and you people continue to support him, I will keep playing my role for country's betterment," he added. Bilawal said he learnt politics from his mother Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who had outshined her opponents. "People ask me to find the killers of my mother so that they could be punished. But I say democracy is the best revenge as my mother used to say. I avenged the murder of my mother when my father took oath as country' president," he made his point. Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer, PPP Punjab President Rana Aftab Ahmad Khan, former senior minister Raja Riaz Ahmad besides MNAs and MPAs belonging to the party and other stalwarts including Qasim Zia, Chaudhry Asghar Gujjar also attended the meeting.