ISLAMABAD (APP) - The commuters of the twin-cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing problems due to lack of a decent public transport system, traffic jams, overcharging and misbehave by the transporter. The most vulnerable are employees working in various government and other organization and students who daily shuttle between the twin cities. Shabbir Hussain said although oil prices have considerably decreased but public transporters still charging extra fares from commuters on different routes. They were not passing benefit of oil prices reduction on commuters, he added. Another passenger, Kamran Khan said it was quite injustice that the transporters were charging Rs 13 from Faizabad to Zero Point. They also charged Rs 13 from Sadiqabad to Zere Point, he added."I don't know what is the criteria of fixing fare for various destination," he said. Ahmed Murtaza a commuter said, "we could not afford high fares of public transport and asked the concerned authorities to reduce the fare according to decrease of fuel prices." Reema Sultan said vehicles using CNG, including Suzuki and taxicabs were also demanding extra money from commuters on pretext of increased CNG prices. Imtiaz, a resident of Rawalpindi said the most serious problem was that there was no schedule for public transportation.Drivers stop their vehicles at bus stops waiting for passengers, he said.