ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is about to complete the scrutiny of Indian replies to its 30 queries on Mumbai attacks and the officials involved in the examination say that response by New Delhi is detailed but still unsatisfactory. "The process of scrutiny of Indian replies is near completion and the rest of examination will not take more than a couple of days. However, as the things move towards conclusion we could say that Indian response is not satisfactory," said a senior official here on Sunday desiring not to be named. He said that the response sent in the form of 400-page dossier by New Delhi did not include important material that Pakistan had asked for such as authenticated confessional statement given to the Indian court by Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving gunman allegedly involved in Mumbai carnage. He said the reason given by India was that the statement could not be given without the permission of court. In addition to that, Pakistan had also sought details of local linkages to the Mumbai attacks but there was no such thing in the Indian dossier, he added. Another official when contacted also confirmed that the response by India was unsatisfactory and not good enough. He said what the response did include was the Kasab and seven other alleged terrorists' DNA profiles, details of their fingerprints, transcripts of phone conversations between them and their alleged Pakistan-based handlers. What the Indians had not provided to Pakistan was the DNA profiles of two remaining alleged terrorists and their fingerprints as their bodies were mutilated, he said. He said Pakistan would inform India about its reading and assessment of New Delhi's responses after the process of scrutiny was completed. "The Interior Ministry will send its assessment to Foreign office that will forward it soon to Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi to be handed over to Indian Foreign Ministry subsequently," he said.